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Pomona College Women’s Union (The WU)

The WU aims to secure positive changes for women in their personal and political lives, engaging the 5Cs and surrounding communities. The WU provides space and programming and exercises an active position against interlocking systems of oppression.

3C InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (3CIV)

3CIV is an interdenominational Christian club on HMC, CMC, and Scripps that organizes weekly large group meetings, small group bible studies, and community prayer meetings.

4/7 Leadership Program

To enroll in the 4/7 Leadership program, join this organization AFTER you have attended a program orientation session.

47 Pages Literary Magazine (47 Pages)

47 Pages is the literary magazine of the Claremont Colleges. We publish everything from photography to micro-fiction; poetry to intricate doodles; personal narratives to wood carvings; cartoons to longer fiction pieces.

5 C Role Playing Game Association (5C RPGA)

The 5C RPGA provides an open environment and resources for students who want to play tabletop role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. We aim to bring students together socially and creatively across the 5Cs.

5C Animal Shelter Volunteer Group

This group provides two weekly trips to West End Animal Shelter, a no-kill private animal shelter nearby. We also fundraise and organize on-campus events to benefit the shelter.

5C Asian American Advisory Board (Ad-Board)

The 5 College Asian American Advisory Board (Ad Board) aims to foster a strong Asian Pacific Islander community at the Claremont Colleges by creating opportunities for interaction and identity building among Asian American students.

5C Birding Club (5CBC)

The 5C Birding Club is for students, faculty, and staff at all levels of birding: from those who want to learn to identify local birds by sight and sound to those who are already birding enthusiasts who want to share the fun of birding with others.

5C College Diabetes Network (5C CDN)

5C College Diabetes Network is a chapter of a national non-profit organization, whose mission is to empower and improve the lives of students living with diabetes through peer support and access to information and resources.

5C Dance Company (5CDC)

We love to dance! 5CDC is an eclectic group of talented dancers. We perform jazz-funk, hip hop, and more at football and basketball halftime shows. We also host a showcase at the end of each semester. Students from all schools are encouraged to join!

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